Tuesday, November 14, 2017

One can claim that he attained Enlightenment

From the Manonasa: A Spiritual Autobiography by Michael Langford:

There is no truth in the commonly held belief
that if someone claims to have attained
the same enlightenment as the Buddha
that means they have not attained
the same enlightenment as the Buddha.
That is a false belief.

The same applies to someone who claims
to have attained Self-Realization
or someone who claims to have attained Manonasa
The same applies to someone who claims to be a Jnani
or someone who claims to be a Jivan-Mukta.
YES a person can have attained Manonasa, Jnana,
Jivanmukta, Self-Realization or Nirvana and say so.
The ego-mind invented the idea that they cannot say so.

The Buddha said
he had not attained the final enlightenment
until he had realized the Four Noble Truths.
That means the Buddha just told you
he has attained the final enlightenment.
It is not egotism for the Buddha to tell you
he has attained the final enlightenment.
The buddha is just telling you the truth
when the Buddha tells you
he has attained the final enlightenment.
It is not egotism for the Buddha
to tell you what has happened.
It is true that he had attained the final enlightenment.
In that particular case the Buddha stated it directly.

However, if you include all the times
the Buddha implied that he had attained Nirvana,
the Buddha did that hundreds of times.
IT was never egotism any of those hundreds of times.
The Buddha was just telling you the truth.

When Annamalai Swami was asked
if he was permanetely established in the Self
Annamalai Swami said Yes.
IT was not egotism for ANnamalai Swami to say Yes.
Annamalai Swami was just telling you the truh.
Annamalai Swami was just stating a fact.

When muruganar wrote an entire book telling you about his experiences
and told you in hunderds of different ways
that he had attained the final Realization of the Self,
he was not being egotistical.
He was just telling you the truth.
He was just telling you what happened.
He was just stating the facts.

When Lakshmana Swami
described his Self Realization
in the book No Mind I am The Self
it was not egotism.
Lakshmana Swami was just describing what happened.

When Papaji wrote about his own enlightenment
in his diary, Papaji was not being egotistical
Papaji was just writing a fact.

When nisargadatta Maharaj says
it only took him three years of practice
to realize the Self
that means Nisargadatta Maharaj just told you
he has Realized the Self.

Nisargadatta was not being egotistical.
He was just stating a fact.
Nisargadatta is just stating the truth.
Nisargadatta is just telling you what happened.
The same applies to all of the different ways
that Nisargadatta communicated his state
like telling you he has no body,
and the talk is occurring in your world only.

When Michael says that in January 2005
he attained Manonasa he is not being egotistical.
he is just telling you the truth.
He is just telling you what happened.
He is just stating a fact.

Would you like all those Sages to lie to you
and say that it did not happen,
just because almost every spiritual seeker believes
that those for whom it happened cannot say so?

Most people would answer that question no.
Most people would be lying.
Almost every spiritual teaching that has ever existed
in the history of humans has been for the purpose of
preserving the ego Illusion.
Those teachings are not for the purpose of
ending the ego illusion.
That includes almost all of the spiritual teachings that
claim they are for the purpose of ending the ego illusion,
almost all of those teachings also are not really
for the purpose of ending the ego illusion.

Almost no human wants to end the ego illusion
even if they lie to themselves and think that they do
want to end the ego illusion.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Further Progress

Much Divine Love-Bliss.

The chest and crown chakra radiating intense and massive love and bliss going off like a nuclear reactor making every cell explode into pure joy bliss and love.

Many conscious shifts that got me to believe enlightenment occurred.
There would be a very obvious conscious shift for a mere moment and in a snap my entire being would explode and drown into all sort of flavors of unimaginable bliss.

There isn't so much ecstatic energy as before any more, now it's very calm and can only be described as pure divine love-bliss.

Few hours of meditation in a row is more effective than a few hours separately here and there.

The love-bliss only gets deeper and deeper to the point you are melting/dissolving, the entire universe disappears leaving you as a glimpse of the self  totally drowned into an ocean off love-bliss until you become the ocean itself.

The effects will carry over hours upon hours during daily activities until this stupid ego thing will finally be annihilated forever.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Journey So Far

My journey so far has been great.

Most of my meditation sessions consist of continuously deep incredible, godly, divine, bliss-love-joy-happiness.

It's impossible to describe any of these states as they surpass imagination.

It can get very hard to continue meditating as the bliss and love gets very intense and overwhelming.

My entire being would melt/dissolve into pure love and bliss for long periods of time leaving me completely blissed out to death.

No wonder this is the fastest practice to enlightenment and the ONLY practice that will take one ALL The way to the final depth.

I now understand why this path is called the direct path, and how any other spiritual practices are just really dull and leads one nowhere.

The best thing one can do for himself is to follow teachings of someone who is actually fully enlightened, and not just some person who writes 1000 books about what enlightenment is without having reached it himself.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eternal Bliss and Joy

For those who just started practicing the AWA method, the blissful qualities might not appear at first. but if you keep practicing eventually just being aware of yourself as awareness whenever you want during the day you will drown into bliss and all those amazing pleasant qualities will finally show up.

Awareness will shine and become very bright and radiate intense waves of ecstatic bliss through your being. it's like an ON and OFF switch. pure love will start to flow in.

Whenever you are busy with a task and you get lost into thoughts you won't be aware of all those qualities anymore because you won't be aware of your self, awareness

As long as you are aware of yourself as awareness, being, self, it's eternal.

It becomes permanent once the ego is completely dissolved, you are not part of maya anymore,. you won't be able to perceive a universe and a body anymore. silence awareness will be the only predominant thing, the sense of "I" separation will be removed. one will experience oneness and infinite bliss will be generate at all times.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Awareness Watching Awareness - Out of Body Experience

Another way to have an out of body experience is to use the AWA method.

When you wake up from sleep, immediately direct your attention to awareness itself.
Ignore everything else such as thoughts and sensations.

Within 2 minutes you will feel a "shift" occurring.
When that shift takes place, get up from bed like you physically would.

Very simple, very straightforward.

No need to buy useless books that make the whole deal more complicated than it really is.

Friday, August 11, 2017

AWA and Enlightenment

The awareness watching awareness method can generate the nimitta (bright white light) usually this happens around the 20-30 minutes... in my case it usually doesn't become energized enough to completely absorb me but it does shower ecstasy and bliss in my entire system.

Nimitta or not, this method in my opinion is the strongest I have ever practiced. the bliss and joy during and after practice is very strong and last for very long time.

I truly believe this sort of practice is the only practice that can bring one to a fully Enlightenment state.

The definition of enlightenment I am following is:

You are 24/7 in a blissful state.
It's impossible to experience any negative feeling, not even for 0.001 millisecond.
A permanent state that will last a whole life time.

In case you are in that state as described above and after a while you are back to "normal" then what you experienced is Satori, which is just a taste of enlightenment and can last from a few hours to days and months... but will eventually stop.

The cases that have experienced enlightenment as defined above usually practiced something very similar or the same as the AWA practice.

I am skeptical that the breath meditation will bring one to enlightenment state as described above.

There is a big difference in using an object as meditation and tuning attention towards the self. either of them will bring on different effects and different results.

I have not reached a permanent state yet, however Enlightenment shouldn't be taken lightly. if it happens it will be a very dramatic change.

My advice is to turn away from so called spiritual gurus or just any other person that don't get to the point of what enlightenment is directly. this isn't educational.
If one starts to describe enlightenment to be like a mango tree I really assume that person doesn't know what the hell he is talking about himself.

It cracks me up how some people can spout nonsense such as:

"you can still suffer when you are enlightened"

"a truly enlightened person wouldn't be able to say he is enlightened"

This doesn't make any sense now does it?

The whole point of Enlightenment is to put an end to suffering. you either are or you are not. there is no in between.

How can people claim to be enlightened when there are still traces of negative emotions?

When you are feeling happiness inside of you, you know you are happy, and you will say that you are happy... you are in a happy state of mind. that is all to it.

The same applies for an enlightened mind. no need to make things complicated.

One other thing is, people that have reached a permanent enlightened state have meditated for hours every day.

30 minutes a day of meditation is really nothing, to make rapid progress more hours need to be put in.
We all are busy with work, but 2 hours a day is a nice amount if you really can't do more than that. most important is to practice everyday. even if it means just a mere 20-30 minutes.

Usually when people study for some subject or to become a pro in something such as sports or chess game, they put in hours of practice everyday... why should meditation be any different?

I can understand that at first meditating for a long time can be tiring especially when you can't get into any profound spiritual experiences and getting into amazingly blissful states.
But after a while all that will pour in and you will enjoy every second of it and will look very much forward to your next practice.

Usually people will tell you not to expect anything from meditation or have any goals set. I am going to tell you do the opposite, set goals and set expectations. you need that motivation, and you need a goal. having goals and expectations won't ruin your meditation or stop you from archiving spiritual states.

Until then the more you meditate the faster problems with negative emotions will drop away from your mind from the moment they pop in.
It's like the mind filters all the bad stuff content at an incredible speed.

One day the ego mind will completely dissolve permanently, and all that will be left is pure awareness that is screaming in bliss 24/7 with zero negative emotions.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Opening Heaven's Gate - Meditating on the self

Meditating on the self aka, awareness watching awareness, self abiding, being aware of yourself, as silence presence, as being, you as object, the sense of I-ness.

You can learn the method from the following site:

This will take you away from the ego thoughts and the true self will reveal itself each time more and more and shine through the day with divine bliss and love.

Your whole being will be filled with joy, love bliss, ecstatic godly bliss and all kinds of other blissful qualities.

The effects will shrine mostly in resting phases, when your mind isn't so active during daily activities. however even during daily activities the bliss can be there as long as you are aware of yourself as awareness or being.

Step by step the ego dissolves more and more and one will experience awareness as it is with all the blissful qualities that comes with it for prolonged duration and intensity.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Subtle Body Mimics the Physical Body

When you are out of body and you are aware of it, sometimes one just continues with his business just like in physical reality. you have complete control of your actions but what is missing is that you don't realize your physical body is asleep, you think you are experiencing physical reality as it is.

Let me give an example:

Assuming your physical body is asleep, you (as the subtle body) wakes up in bed and just like physical reality you think it's time to get up and brush your teeth, eat a meal and go to work, all of this you are doing with awareness because you really believe you are experiencing physical reality, at this point you still haven't realized that your physical body is actually asleep and even though you control your subtle body with awareness you are just living your life like it's reality.

You feel exactly the same like you are in reality.

This is not the same as just dreaming about your life.

At some point it's possible that
you will realize that you are really out of your body and that you were just trying to mimic physical life.


To Translocation to another place the most important ingredient is intention combined with running through a wall or door and expect to appear at the place you wish to be.

Let's assume right now you are in your house and after you are in a very stable state, close your eyes and run very fast towards a door or wall with the intention that the very moment you go through the wall you will appear at the place you want to be. it can also be a place from your imagination that doesn't exist in reality if you wish.

Open your eyes slowly with the thought that you have arrived at the chosen place. usually at this stage you aren't so stable anymore and vision is all over the place so go ahead and rub your hands in front of you or apply any other method that makes things stable for everything to become hyper realistic.

PS: running with eyes closed (but not through a wall) might work as well but intention needs to be solid.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Why I made this Blog

While I am happy to help anyone with their spiritual progress if I can, but by no means am I a teacher.
I have still my own progress to make.

I made this blog mostly for inspiration purposes and my opinions regarding certain stuff.

I have been inspired myself by many people and teachers, that's why I would like to give my part out there as well.
Though I have yet a lot to learn and progress myself.

Everything written here comes from my own experiences and how I see things. other people might have different explanations to certain things, but I think what's most important is the practical side of things and not why this or that happens and how.

I should mention I am less interested in the whole insight business.
I am more into the progression of the subtle body (energetic body),
to purify it and reach high states of bliss, ecstasy, joy and happiness in practice and outside and ultimately reach some stage of enlightenment.

Out of Body Experiences Every Night

Once one's mind start to recognize the signs when one is out of body one will be able almost every night have multiple out of body experiences.

Any method out there is just to help you become aware of the "sweet spot".

Ultimately the best technique is no technique.

It's all about being aware of the state you are in, and from there you simply get up like you physically would.

It's the most natural thing in the world, it doesn't happen because you want it to happen. it always happens, you only need to be aware of the right mind state.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Waking up in bliss

When one practices kriya yoga one will more and more experience bliss and ecstasy that might last hours to days and months and ultimately it will become a permanent condition.

One will wake up very refreshed with a blissful mind and body, there are many bliss flavors one will experience along the way, it can be one type of bliss or a complete mix.

Kriya yoga dissolves blockages and tensions very fast, it purifies the energy channels which gives rise to prana to enter higher channels and stimulates the chakra system.

All this brings higher levels of ecstatic bliss and divine love.

The chakras such as the third eye and crown will start to radiate tremendous divine bliss inwardly and outwardly.

Cells are screaming and exploding into pure bliss.