Breath Meditation (anapanasati) a tool to reach Jhana Absorption

Breath Meditation (anapanasati)  a tool to reach Jhana Absorption

To reach Jhana Absorption one has to stay with the breath sensations at the nostrils as long as possible through the whole meditation session.

If a thought or image in the mind takes you away from the breath, simply return back to the breath sensation as fast as possible.

Placing attention on the breath energizes the nimitta, a bright white light seen in the mind.
At first there won't be a nimitta at all, but as you keep going it will slowly start to appear.
First it will appear very unstable and weak, moving from place to place, as you keep attention on the breath the nimitta gets energized further and further.

It will start to become more and more stable, it will appear very bright and shiny in your mind to the point that it's impossible to keep your attention on the breath anymore, your mind get forcefully pushed away from the breath towards the bright light which will appear incredibly powerful shiny and big.

The nimitta radiates towards your entire being INCREDIBLE BLISS and PROFOUND STILLNESS starts to build up from moment to moment mentally and physically.
Even just a moment of it you will feel bliss and peacefulness the next hours!

All you have to do is completely nothing, you just wait at the "entrance", eventually the nimitta will absorb you completely and take you to jhana, states of great bliss.

Your will and desires shuts down completely, you get completely blissed out for a while.
When you get out of this state you will be left with incredible happiness/joy and profound peacefulness and a big smile on your face and probably a few tears as well, all this will follow you through the day!

Cravings and desires are gone for a while, you just want to "Be" and do nothing else.

In jhana you are completely cut off from the external world.
There won't be any thoughts or images in your head, you can't think or plan... no sound can distract you and pull you out of this state.

you are not in a trance or zombie like state, in fact your awareness is so HIGH and ALERT, but you are only aware of incredible bliss.

Most instructions will instruct you to rest attention on the nostrils while being aware of the breath going in and out without controlling the breath.
however it is my opinion controlling the breath and keeping inhaling and exhaling without a gap (pause) in between is a better way to reach absorption as fast as possible.

When practicing it this way your mind will always have an object to focus on, your mind is less likely to get distracted by images and thoughts that pop up in your mind, your mind is really getting "glued" to the breath in contrary when you don't control the breath you might not or barely feel any air sensations at the nostrils at all!

Slowly inhale while being aware of the breath sensations at the bridge between the nostrils, but the breath sensations should be felt inside, not on the outward skin. when you cant inhale anymore and you are not aware of the breath sensation, exhale slowly, feel the breath until you can't anymore... inhale again... exhale...