Energizing The Great Nimitta

Energizing The Great Nimitta
When it comes to Jhana Absorption it's all about making the nimitta as bright and powerful as possible!

This is the key to a real jhana experience which really makes you realize how silly the whole debate of this "soft jhana" or "full body jhana" is when you have experienced the real deal.

The best way to energize the nimitta is to stay on the breath and ignore everything else including the nimitta itself.
When it tries to grab your attention and push you away from the breath, you simply return to the breath again and again every time until it's completely impossible to ignore the nimitta anymore! at this point your mind is totally captured by the nimitta, it's impossible to resist it, your mind simply "falls" towards the nimitta and envelopes you.

Another great way to really shine the nimitta is to smile physically or inner smile. you can do this from time to time while you are meditating on the breath or you can apply it for the whole session.

Practicing metta before you start to meditate might help as well but ultimately practicing metta is the best and strongest after you exit jhana because you are completely in a different state of mind which is radiating pure loving kindness towards yourself and all beings.

Meditating with a happy mind sure helps, but even when your mind is a total mess, you can still enter jhana and will turn the whole wheel around.

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