Nimitta Creeps In - delayed reaction

Nimitta Creeps In - delayed reaction

Usually after you finish a meditation session and you just keep sitting or laying down, the nimitta might slowly appear, this delay is very common and might even creep slowly up when you are working or doing just about anything else.

When this happens you usually will be aware of the nimitta growing up and becoming very bright and shiny... you don't have to specifically focus on the blissful feelings or even on the nimitta itself. sometimes it might or might not take you into jhana absorption, but still after you are done meditating on the breath and you are planning to get up and go your way, it's better to settle down for a while and let the energies go wherever they want.

this also gives you extra chance of getting into jhana or at the least experience some bliss that the nimitta is radiating towards you.

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