Astral Projection - Transition Part 2

When the transition progress is done, you will find that it's very hard to get up and move because you are still half stuck in your physical body.

What you have to do is aggressively fight yourself out, eventually you will stand near your body. you can have a quick look but you are better not giving so much attention to it as it might suck you back into the physical world.

The body acts like a very strong magnet that tries to suck you back in. get as far away from your body and try not to think about it else you might also fade away.

Now when you are out you must stabilize yourself  the whole time or you will "fall asleep" and wake up again.

There are millions of ways to do that but ultimately you use your "senses" touch walls, zoom your vision into small details, rub your hands in front of you, look at them... all those stuff will keep you stable and and will also make every thing look hyper realistic (more than real life yes). many times when you get out of your body your vision is very blurry or you are blind, so you need to stabilize yourself for the vision to return to you.

One other great method to move away from the body is to float away from it, it's not something you imagine, you put your intention into wanting to fly away from it and so it happens.

Another thing happens when you lose stability is that you feel very heavy and you fall on your back like you are carrying a bag of stones on you. at this point try your best to get up as fast as possible and stabilize yourself before fading away.

Try not to get overexcited as this might pull you back as well.

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