Why I made this Blog

While I am happy to help anyone with their spiritual progress if I can, but by no means am I a teacher.
I have still my own progress to make.

I made this blog mostly for inspiration purposes and my opinions regarding certain stuff.

I have been inspired myself by many people and teachers, that's why I would like to give my part out there as well.
Though I have yet a lot to learn and progress myself.

Everything written here comes from my own experiences and how I see things. other people might have different explanations to certain things, but I think what's most important is the practical side of things and not why this or that happens and how.

I should mention I am less interested in the whole insight business.
I am more into the progression of the subtle body (energetic body),
to purify it and reach high states of bliss, ecstasy, joy and happiness in practice and outside and ultimately reach some stage of enlightenment.