Subtle Body Mimics the Physical Body

When you are out of body and you are aware of it, sometimes one just continues with his business just like in physical reality. you have complete control of your actions but what is missing is that you don't realize your physical body is asleep, you think you are experiencing physical reality as it is.

Let me give an example:

Assuming your physical body is asleep, you (as the subtle body) wakes up in bed and just like physical reality you think it's time to get up and brush your teeth, eat a meal and go to work, all of this you are doing with awareness because you really believe you are experiencing physical reality, at this point you still haven't realized that your physical body is actually asleep and even though you control your subtle body with awareness you are just living your life like it's reality.

You feel exactly the same like you are in reality.

This is not the same as just dreaming about your life.

At some point it's possible that
you will realize that you are really out of your body and that you were just trying to mimic physical life.