Opening Heaven's Gate - Meditating on the self

Meditating on the self aka, awareness watching awareness, self abiding, being aware of yourself, as silence presence, as being, you as object, the sense of I-ness.

You can learn the method from the following site:

This will take you away from the ego thoughts and the true self will reveal itself each time more and more and shine through the day with divine bliss and love.

Your whole being will be filled with joy, love bliss, ecstatic godly bliss and all kinds of other blissful qualities.

The effects will shrine mostly in resting phases, when your mind isn't so active during daily activities. however even during daily activities the bliss can be there as long as you are aware of yourself as awareness or being.

Step by step the ego dissolves more and more and one will experience awareness as it is with all the blissful qualities that comes with it for prolonged duration and intensity.