AWA and Enlightenment

The awareness watching awareness method can generate the nimitta (bright white light) usually this happens around the 20-30 minutes... in my case it usually doesn't become energized enough to completely absorb me but it does shower ecstasy and bliss in my entire system.

Nimitta or not, this method in my opinion is the strongest I have ever practiced. the bliss and joy during and after practice is very strong and last for very long time.

I truly believe this sort of practice is the only practice that can bring one to a fully Enlightenment state.

The definition of enlightenment I am following is:

You are 24/7 in a blissful state.
It's impossible to experience any negative feeling, not even for 0.001 millisecond.
A permanent state that will last a whole life time.

In case you are in that state as described above and after a while you are back to "normal" then what you experienced is Satori, which is just a taste of enlightenment and can last from a few hours to days and months... but will eventually stop.

The cases that have experienced enlightenment as defined above usually practiced something very similar or the same as the AWA practice.

I am skeptical that the breath meditation will bring one to enlightenment state as described above.

There is a big difference in using an object as meditation and tuning attention towards the self. either of them will bring on different effects and different results.

I have not reached a permanent state yet, however Enlightenment shouldn't be taken lightly. if it happens it will be a very dramatic change.

My advice is to turn away from so called spiritual gurus or just any other person that don't get to the point of what enlightenment is directly. this isn't educational.
If one starts to describe enlightenment to be like a mango tree I really assume that person doesn't know what the hell he is talking about himself.

It cracks me up how some people can spout nonsense such as:

"you can still suffer when you are enlightened"

"a truly enlightened person wouldn't be able to say he is enlightened"

This doesn't make any sense now does it?

The whole point of Enlightenment is to put an end to suffering. you either are or you are not. there is no in between.

How can people claim to be enlightened when there are still traces of negative emotions?

When you are feeling happiness inside of you, you know you are happy, and you will say that you are happy... you are in a happy state of mind. that is all to it.

The same applies for an enlightened mind. no need to make things complicated.

One other thing is, people that have reached a permanent enlightened state have meditated for hours every day.

30 minutes a day of meditation is really nothing, to make rapid progress more hours need to be put in.
We all are busy with work, but 2 hours a day is a nice amount if you really can't do more than that. most important is to practice everyday. even if it means just a mere 20-30 minutes.

Usually when people study for some subject or to become a pro in something such as sports or chess game, they put in hours of practice everyday... why should meditation be any different?

I can understand that at first meditating for a long time can be tiring especially when you can't get into any profound spiritual experiences and getting into amazingly blissful states.
But after a while all that will pour in and you will enjoy every second of it and will look very much forward to your next practice.

Usually people will tell you not to expect anything from meditation or have any goals set. I am going to tell you do the opposite, set goals and set expectations. you need that motivation, and you need a goal. having goals and expectations won't ruin your meditation or stop you from archiving spiritual states.

Until then the more you meditate the faster problems with negative emotions will drop away from your mind from the moment they pop in.
It's like the mind filters all the bad stuff content at an incredible speed.

One day the ego mind will completely dissolve permanently, and all that will be left is pure awareness that is screaming in bliss 24/7 with zero negative emotions.