Eternal Bliss and Joy

For those who just started practicing the AWA method, the blissful qualities might not appear at first. but if you keep practicing eventually just being aware of yourself as awareness whenever you want during the day you will drown into bliss and all those amazing pleasant qualities will finally show up.

Awareness will shine and become very bright and radiate intense waves of ecstatic bliss through your being. it's like an ON and OFF switch. pure love will start to flow in.

Whenever you are busy with a task and you get lost into thoughts you won't be aware of all those qualities anymore because you won't be aware of your self, awareness

As long as you are aware of yourself as awareness, being, self, it's eternal.

It becomes permanent once the ego is completely dissolved, you are not part of maya anymore,. you won't be able to perceive a universe and a body anymore. silence awareness will be the only predominant thing, the sense of "I" separation will be removed. one will experience oneness and infinite bliss will be generate at all times.