Further Progress

Much Divine Love-Bliss.

The chest and crown chakra radiating intense and massive love and bliss going off like a nuclear reactor making every cell explode into pure joy bliss and love.

Many conscious shifts that got me to believe enlightenment occurred.
There would be a very obvious conscious shift for a mere moment and in a snap my entire being would explode and drown into all sort of flavors of unimaginable bliss.

There isn't so much ecstatic energy as before any more, now it's very calm and can only be described as pure divine love-bliss.

Few hours of meditation in a row is more effective than a few hours separately here and there.

The love-bliss only gets deeper and deeper to the point you are melting/dissolving, the entire universe disappears leaving you as a glimpse of the self  totally drowned into an ocean off love-bliss until you become the ocean itself.

The effects will carry over hours upon hours during daily activities until this stupid ego thing will finally be annihilated forever.

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