My Journey So Far

My journey so far has been great.

Most of my meditation sessions consist of continuously deep incredible, godly, divine, bliss-love-joy-happiness.

It's impossible to describe any of these states as they surpass imagination.

It can get very hard to continue meditating as the bliss and love gets very intense and overwhelming.

My entire being would melt/dissolve into pure love and bliss for long periods of time leaving me completely blissed out to death.

No wonder this is the fastest practice to enlightenment and the ONLY practice that will take one ALL The way to the final depth.

I now understand why this path is called the direct path, and how any other spiritual practices are just really dull and leads one nowhere.

The best thing one can do for himself is to follow teachings of someone who is actually fully enlightened, and not just some person who writes 1000 books about what enlightenment is without having reached it himself.