Duality and Non Duality

Happy new year everyone ! ! !

Long time I didn't post so I though for 2018 I must have at least one new post :)

For a while now I had a few conversations with other Self Realized Persons to get some tips on how to improve my practice and if I am doing it correctly or not.

Regarding being aware of awareness practice, there are two ways to practice it:

1. in a way that you are being aware in a dualistic way (wrong way)

2. in a non dualistic way which is completely objectless.

To put it simple, the second way is the preferred to reach non-duality states and eventually self realization (enlightenment).

Let me give some examples regarding what it means when you are aware of awareness in a dualistic way:

- you are aware that "you" are watching.
- you are aware of an object + you being aware/knowing of the object.
- you are trying to hard to be aware of awareness like it's some sort of object.
- you are aware that you are aware of awareness.
- Seeing the "I-feeling" as an object or sensation or a feeling you are looking at.

All those are dualistic ways.

The non-dualistic way is:

- in a very soft innocent way be aware of awareness, don't "try" to hold it, let the mind do the work.
- let the mind softly fall on awareness, don't do anything, don't hold it, don't stand on guard against thoughts and feelings trying to distract you, don't combine this awareness with other objects.
- don't ignore thoughts and feelings, when awareness presents itself, welcome it, don't do anything more than that.
- when getting distracted and you remember that you need to be aware of awareness, at this very moment awareness is already there, be with it until you get distracted again and again and again, repeat.
- forget about concentration, forget about doing anything, let the mind do the work effortlessly.
- be the awareness, don't watch it, be which you already are.

My progress with doing it the non-dualistic way is:

- Instant bliss, joy, peace.
- A lot bodily tension feels like are getting released
- from time to time very nice non dualistic experiences such as:

- A very profound state of peace and bliss that last hours or all day.
- All objects aren't separate from me, the objects are me, I am the objects. I am everything. everything is fused together.
- Silence and peace is everywhere, the divine is everything including me.
- Objects appear to be "transparent" very light, soft, blissful, peaceful.

It's very important that I mention that I am not doing only sitting practices, I am being aware of awareness the whole day during any sort of activity, this will make much faster progress in my opinion than just sitting formally.
Also the question is why wouldn't I be aware all day? as long as I am aware all those yummy qualities appear.

To sum it all up what made me progress much further is:

1. being aware of awareness the non-dualistic way.
2. never ignoring thoughts and feelings while being aware, just let them be.
3. being aware of awareness all day.
4. don't mind the mind.

Thanks to all the people that gave me advices regarding my practice! :)

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